Monday, December 29, 2014

Customize your gauge?

Customize your Autometer Gauge

"Custom gauges. That's what it's all about. The world’s finest performance instruments are now available to you in nearly infinite configurations. Limited only by your imagination; your dash can now display the same level of individuality as your ride – all with Auto Meter’s legendary quality and attention to detail."

Well, this thing brings whole customizing El Camino to a completely new level. Now that SS-dash comes to handy what I thought on a Dakota Digital Dash blog post, in a new way.  So does my budget for restoration gets deeper pockets. 

I guess I could add this to wishlist, even though I would never ever go for this product due higher cost. Well, never say never they say, but I still like that "factory" look and I could achieve it by getting that SS-dash and custom set of these from Auto Meter but too expensive to see if it works.

This wishlist thing is starting to get a bit out of hands. This is the third gauge product on my wishlist and price has been going up ever since that.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Factory tachometer?

1970 Non Gauge Tach With 6000 Rpm Red Line

 " This El Camino replacement tachometer has been manufactured to meet or exceed factory specifications and performance. You will find the fit, finish and function will work perfectly for your vehicle. You will also be pleased to know that the El Camino Store has sourced this tachometer among other possible parts as the best choice for your repair or restoration project."

I do have a clock for my gauge cluster but I haven't installed it yet. That spot is empty and I was thinking installing that clock on it. And I have planned on installing tachometer somewhere on my dash, but now I am thinking of installing it on that spot with this one.

Although I have this: Dakota Digital VHX Series Dash on my wishlist, I think it will take time before I can afford it, so this could be solution for meanwhile and it's not too expensive too.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Other "El Camino".

I came across this ad in Craigslist today and someone has made a Mopar "El Camino" out of Plymouth Satellite.

After I used Google Image search I found this blog: and there was yet an another conversion made from Dodge Demon:

I've seen few GM-made conversions but never a Mopar one. Now one with a Hemi, would that be awesome?

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Air Lift 1000 air spring kit.

Air Lift 1000 air spring kit

"Air Lift adjustable air springs work with your existing suspension to give your vehicle more leveling support when you need it, so your vehicle is always level and stable. Proper weight distribution to all tires means more safety and a more comfortable ride as well. This results in:
Improved braking and steering: when all four tires are firmly on the ground, braking time and steering are both improved
Less sway: Air springs increase spring rate and vastly improve vehicle stability
Less bottoming out: Air springs provide adjustable load support to help prevent bottoming out on rough roads
Headlight aim: Only level and stable vehicles provide safe and proper headlight aiming
Less porpoising: Even vehicles which don’t squat when loaded can begin to “porpoise” vertically when towing heavy trailers. Adjustable air springs dramatically reduce this problem for a safer, more comfortable ride"

I had original air shock in the rear, but those leaked and didn't worked as those should have. When I bought the El Camino it came bed full of new and second hand parts, including a pair of Gabriel Red Ryder Gas shocks. I installed them last spring and those didn't improve the ride quality that much, it was better for sure, but I think springs has seen better days. I could go "All bag" but I don't want that kind of hassle with the compressor and "Stance", plus I don't have the money to go "all bag"!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Retro Sound.

1968-70 Chevrolet El Camino Model Two Radio

"RetroSound®'s Model Two is the most technologically-advanced radio ever made for your classic Chevrolet. This is the only Made-For-iPod® radio for your vintage El Camino, and also the only with built-in Bluetooth® connectivity for hands-free phone calls and wireless audio streaming. The Model Two features a new 32,000 color display to customize your radio to your El Camino's interior. Two USB ports for iPod®/iPhone® plus two standard auxiliary inputs are included. The Model Two has a built-in 25 watts x 4 channel power amplifier as well as front and rear RCA pre-outs, plus subwoofer output, to add external amplifiers. It mounts seamlessly into your Chevy thanks to RetroSound's patented InfiniMount adjustable bracket system."

I have an old radio/cassette player on dash but that doesn't work and I had speakers under dash pad, but I never really cared for the music that much on a car. Sweet sound of V8 has been all the music that we needed. Although sometimes it would be great to play Rock'n'Roll music but I don't want to cut out my dash to house a new modern radio/cassette player, but luckily there is this available as after market installation. It fits straight on the dash without cutting anything.

Then I need to think where to install speakers. I'm not installing them on a doors that's for sure. I am thinking on a small speakers on top of the dash pad and 2-way speakers behind seats. Either making a custom "floor mount" or building a wall in the back compartment. We'll have to see how this thing progress.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Dakota Digital Dash.

Dakota Digital VHX Series Dash
"The new VHX Systems fit directly into the stock instrument bezel of a 1970-72 Chevelle Malibu without modification, adding a wealth of features to this iconic vehicle.
Fully lit needles, backlit faces, and highly visible LCD message centers are a few of the things that you can see which set the VHX Series apart from yesterday’s traditional approach to instrumentation. A few of the features which you don’t normally see are the micro-controlled precision stepper motors, solid state sensors for unparalleled accuracy, and user-customizable display feedback, all supported by an unrivaled limited lifetime warranty which has become the standard for Dakota Digital instrumentation systems . Completely engineered and manufactured at our facility in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the VHX Series has completely revolutionized the instrumentation industry!"

Originally I was interested in SS-version with round gauges and that SS-dash, but then I had to have that SS-dash, but that would mean that I need to buy SS-dash, which starts from 300$, used. So when I saw that Dakota Digital made this a VHX Series Dash that would adapt straight to my sweep style dash, I was sold. And this one gives you those analog round gauges! This is by far top on my wishlist.

Thursday, November 27, 2014


So I was browsing the net and came across this product:

Detroit Speed Selecta Speed Wiper kit

"A downpour of rain will no longer hinder you ability to clearly see the road. This kit provides you with the performance and convenience of a late model wiper system in a package that easily and cleanly mounts in your car.

The wiper motor contains a low profile, seven-speed wiper motor with 5 delays, low speed, and high speed, rotary switch with a billet knob, adapter plate, and wiring harness. The CNC aluminum adapter plate mounts the wiper motor to the stock firewall bolt pattern. The low profile wiper motor mounts to the firewall and clears the valve covers and brake booster."

It doesn't rain that much in here, but when it does it's mostly a light rain so that I have to switch wiper on and off constantly. I have bought a "China"-aftermarket delay kit from local ebay-website three- four years ago and haven't installed it yet. Problem has been how to install it on the dash so that it doesn't stick out too, since I would like to have dash clean and appear as a stock.

Since this would be an ideal solution to my problem, but 550$ is way too much at this moment for me. So, I bookmarked it and there it will be waiting till I win lottery or something. Problem is that I tend to forget links to my bookmarks and it's so disorganizated that it takes a while to find what you are looking for. Then I thought why not share these things with you and that's why I have created:

Wishlist page

I try to make a new post on products that I come across and then I'll update it to Wishlist page.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Numbers of the year!
56899 miles.

The year is ending and El Camino isn't moving anymore this year, so it's time to see what and how far we rolled this year. Out of the garage in April and back to (different) garage in November. So that 7 months of driving around and we rolled 3614.3 miles(5816.7 km). A bit over 500 miles per month, not bad as we didn't take any longer trips this year. Last year we did trip to Northern Finland and rolled 1300 miles on a single trip and month! 

Average mileage is around 18 litres per 100 km. A increase from last year's ~17 l/100km. I bought a new tires with wheels last year and had to install them under El Camino in September. Originals were 14" wheels and I'm not sure were those tires 215/60 or 205/65, The new set was 15" wheels with 215/70 and we drove with the new tires only two months so it didn't affect that much on last year's mileage, but I hoped it would show in this year, but no. Okay, we had more in city drives than longer drives so that is a one reason why mileage increased. One thing that should help getting lower mileage is installing a insulator between manifold and carburetor, by lowering carburetor heat energy and thus eliminating excess fuel vaporation in carburetor.

Sunday, November 9, 2014


Yesterday I drove to the garage and settled in the spot. It's a bit of tight spot but few back and forth movement, it was in the spot. First thing was to disconnect battery for the winter. Basically that was it. As I have a problem with the water seeping on passanger side of the car, both back and front of the seat, I opened both windows so that it would evaporate before I start to take interior a part.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Garage spot.

So, I got a spot on a garage for this winter. It's close to home, warm and rent is below average around here.
Shelves were empty but those are now filled with dashes, vents, exterior trim, interior stuff and all the small things I might need during long dark night. I just can't wait to go in to the garage and start working on something. Just about anything!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Social Media.

I have been posting a lot of small things on Facebook and haven't been posting here much. It is just that easy to post something on Facebook.

But, I have been driving round and round. A lot.

Garage for the Winter!

Has been awhile. Okay that starter finally gave up on end of the driving season, couple of weeks ago and I bought a new one. Should have done that a long time ago. Tomorrow I get keys to garage where my El Camino is going to hibernate during this winter and best part is that it is close to my home! Last winter I had a warm garage that was about 40 km away and out of public transportation and since we don't have any other car... This is only six bus stops away and it's warm and there are six other American cars so there a plenty of help and know how around. Can't wait for getting my hands dirty! YAY... I guess I'll be posting more on my progress to this thread! Sorry no pictures yet...

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Thursday drive next to Nokia headquarter.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Yearly inspection 2013

Took her out of the garage yesterday and went inspection station. 8 minor faults. Since our system allowes 3 minor faults, but no more I didn't get passed. The inspector was novice, since he had to ask from a older inspector should he write up this and that, and what not. Okay, I knew there are few issues but didn't expect that much. I got permit to drive her home and I started fixing these issues and 7 out of 8 are now fixed and I went back. Now I got passed. Same time I finally fixed my AC blower motor switch, which has been sitting in my locker for good year now. I guess I should wash her now...?

Open roads here we come!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring is here!

Okay. I haven't been quite hardworking with this blog in the past. I try to be more active in posting and what's happening. I just visited El Camino where it has been hibernating past winter. Althought this winter was quite low snow and mostly no snow, I didn't take it for daily use. Not until April. There aren't any shows, cruisings or gatherings where I would go with it. And I need to get it yearly inspection first. There are few things that need addressing too and after I have taken it out of the garage there is no point putting it back there for few weeks, so I'll wait till time is right. Sorry I forgot to take a new picture so you'll have settle for one I got when I put her in the garage.