Friday, June 26, 2015

Yearly Inspection 2014

Yes, 2014 yearly inspection. In Finland your inspection time is determined by last number on your license plate. As I have 9 as a last number my inspection time is between August and November. And as I didn't do my yearly inspection last autumn my El Camino wasn't eligible for driving since last December.

So first thing was to head to inspection after a little help from a friend. As it is old inspection engineer was kind of forgiving for few minor things that I'll be addressing before next yearly inspection which is, well you guessed, between next August and November. And this time I'll be doing it before I'll put El Camino in the garage for winter hibernation. Three minor issues was marked up and main problem is drivers side rear tail light. Blinker fluids are okay! ;) Driving lights works on and off. This issue has been around now for few years. Sometimes it works and then sometimes it doesn't. I am thinking of a problem in wiring in the middle of from switch and tail.

I was going to take a pictures of those three things, but haven't got around to shot those pictures, so here are some other pictures:

The Yearly Inspection passed.

Back at the parking lot.

Side shot Saturday.

Raining but I now I don't have to wash...

Monday, June 15, 2015

Other El Camino part III, Cadillac Mirage.

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I've seen these picture from time to time and with the jalopiknik article about this cool Cadillac El Camino I started searching more and reading more about it.

That would be awesome. Huge engine and the luxury of Cadillac. Caminofication is pure in this one. That is of course debatable.

Oh and it feels good to be driving around again.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A little help from a friend

I have been a bit lazy and haven't got around to proceed on welding and fixing that rear window corners. My good friend got frustrated on my laziness and we drove El Camino to his garage and he welded those rear corners, painted window areas with rust preventing paint, tinted the glass, installed the glass and did few other minor things that I haven't done. So, it is ready for yearly inspection and hopeful nothing too bad has come so that it'll pass the inspection and we can drive around.

No bigger news this time. Keep calm and drive interesting cars!

Oh, yeah facebook page hit 700 likes last weekend!

Driving from my garage to friends garage.

My other ride.