Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring is here!

YAY, finally spring is here and I have taken Kelly out of the garage. Yearly inspection went as flowing water and clean papers and approved-stamp on it! So, this summer is all about cruising. 45€ for a stamp, it's now days quite normal price, but back in the days, it was around 80mk-100mk(13€-17€). Okay that was almost two decades ago, but still.

I have been ordering few things from the ebay, and seeking a garage where i can do little bit of restoration and such. As I did get her late in the summer, well in the autumn, and had very little time on the road, I am going to make this year count! I have been mapping what to do and in what order. Few things I need to do, before taking any longer trips is to replace door weather seals. Not as much as keeping the rain out, but keeping the wind out of the cabin. Second is to reconnect a heater hose's and ensure there is hot air blowing.

We were on a photoshoot last week, just days after I had pulled Kelly out of hibernation.

Photo: M. Ylhäinen www.ylhainen.com