Sunday, February 6, 2011

Waiting for the summer.

Well, two months has past now, that I put her on the garage. I have started the engine once a month, just to check that it will start and charge the battery a bit. Usually I let it idle for 15 minutes. Last time I checked air pressure from the tires and I found that on the driver's side front tire has deflated to half(1.03 bar/15 psi), all the rest are okay. Considering atmosphere temperature difference from time when I put her on the garage(10 °C/50 °F) and now(-10 °C/14 °F) is about 20/36 degrees.

It's just little over month away when I take her back on the road, if the weather is warmer and there aren't much snow on the ground anymore. First things that needed to be done is oil, oil filter and spark plug change. Maybe a wash too?