Thursday, July 21, 2016

It's been a while.

Old look.

We had a bit of tragic spring time and I haven't done anything to my El Camino since March. I even haven't been updating my facebook fan page and I got well over 1100 fans! Thank you all for that!

Yesterday I made a purchase that I have been waiting for a bit over year, I think, well at least an year. I'll post later sneak a peak of what I am planning on doing over next winter. I have come to conclusion that I won't be taking El Camino on the road on this year, or maybe for a quick yearly inspection to get it ready for next spring and driving season.

I also ordered for a first time from for some steering components that I got a mentioned last year when I was at yearly inspection, didn't get rejection, but notice from the inspector that those are soon to be in dire need of replacement.

Oh, and I have also ordered that sliding rear window that I have been talking about on few of latest posts. Should arrive in August. So, I'll have that too to change, among other things.