Wednesday, May 12, 2010

little things...

Tailgate cover.
...makes you a smile. Yesterday when I was waiting for a friend to help me load El Camino @ Lauttasaari, I did screw back plate on a tailgate. Small thing that I could have done months ago, but cargo space haven't been much in use, until now that I am moving in with my Muru.

And I did get that weatherstrip from Now I'll just have to find a little time to take out the old and put in the new. There is much to do elsewhere and those are right now first priorities.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

To do list...

Helsinki Market Square.
So far I haven't done anything, except mapping whats need to be done.

-Replacing front bumper turning lenses, to orginal yellow lenses(which I have).
-Reconnecting heaterhoses and having so heat at the cabin.
-Changing lights switch knob to orginal(which I have).
-Changing steering wheel for about close enough year(which I have).
-Fixing turning light returning spring on left(which I have).
-Fixing powersteering, problem is that in low rev's it doesn't have much of power to turn.
-Fixing or changing wiper motor/switch to one that has this delay/mist fuction as well.
-Fixing fuel gauge. It's stuck in full position, out of sight. Bad ground?.
-Changing weather seals on doors. (just ordered from
-Changing speedometer to km/h(which I have).
-Changing whole dash to better one and making some modifications to it.(which I have).
-Adding noise and heat insulation to c-pillar(or is it b-pillar) and roof. (Dynamat?).
-Adding headliner and sunvisors(which I have).

I'll guess there's my little list of to do's...