Sunday, September 25, 2022

ETA delayed part 2

I've been notified that the container that holds my Chevrolet El Camino was taken by U.S. Custom out of the ship, to inspect the cargo. This delayed the container for six weeks.

So, now ETA is in November. At this pace the El Camino will arrive sometime in the spring of 2023.

Not that I am in hurry or anything, but at least I have more time to prep up  my garage.

I am thinking of a lift.

Saturday, September 3, 2022

ETA delayed

So, the container that holds my El Camino departed the Long Beach harbour in the 28th of the July and at the time the ETA was the 12th of the September. I haven't really checked where the vessel is, but today I checked, to know how much the it is delayed. At the time of writing this, it is delayed to the 26th of the September. Two weeks delayed. And from the original ETA it is now four weeks delayed.

Then I noticed that the vessel has been changed on 13th of the August. This vessel, NYK Romulus, is now near southern Mexico. Destination CTG, aka Cartagena, Colombia. 

I am not worried, since I am still middle of moving in and I need to clean and organize the garage. Friend of mine made few additional shelf brackets, that are going to be welded in the garage wall support beams. Now, I am not planning on putting heavy items on the shelves, but as the previous owner had made, I just follow that. So, every shelf is identical and I don't need to think about which shelf is "weaker". 

Monday, July 25, 2022

YouTube Channel

 I've had this YouTube channel for ages and I did try to post my project videos, of the El Camino that owned back then. Now that I am the owner of a "new" El Camino, I thought that I resurrect this channel and try to keep it active. 

Now, I've got videos from my guy in the California about these two El Caminos that I wrote earlier, first one and the second one.

I bought the first one. The seller transported it from the Nevada to Los Angels, as he has some business to attend there. So, my El Camino is waiting at the shipping company's lot in LA harbour somewhere.

But back to the YouTube channel, I am publishing few short videos in a Bying Pants On-playlist from my guy as he scouted the El Caminos and after it was transported to the shipping company's lot in the LA harbour. 

Current ETA is around mid September, that the shipping container will arrive Finland and shipping company's lot in Hämeenlinna. 

Actually I did purchase the El Camino back in the May, but as I was busy with buying a house with garage did take my time and while being on vacation too. 

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